Meditiation to Ease Brain Cancer Pain

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Nov 19th, 2012
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Terminal Brain Cancer is a painful experience for both the patient and his or her loved ones. It is the thought of one’s mind slowly eroding and succumbing to the pain causes grief and suffering for those this dreaded disease has touched. Doctors, nurses, and even spiritual guides can only do so much to ease the physical suffering of brain cancer patients, and bring consolation for their family. Pain killers, morphine, and other drugs can provide fleeting comfort to the patient. How now can a person suffering from brain cancer manage his or her pain?

A potential means of managing pain is by meditation. Contrary to popular belief, learning to meditate need not employ complex sitting positions, nor does it need psychedelic music or sticks of burning incense. In contrast, these are just additional aspects of meditation that one can easily do without.

Meditation is a means of stilling the mind, expanding one’s consciousness, and seeing the bigger scope of things. In meditation, it is also a way of regarding the pain and coming to accept it. It is a way of seeing the pain not as an enemy to fight, nor a cruel master to be enslaved under, but rather as part of the patient, as a friend even. It is in accepting the pain to be a part of himself or herself that it becomes easier to manage.

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