Going Under The Knife

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Dec 14th, 2012
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In the last post, we focused on using meditation as a means of pain management. In this post, we will focus on the proper attitude to take when undergoing brain surgery.

You chose to go under the knife – you deemed radiography and chemotherapy to be treatments that could either be too risky, or could have a very negative impact not just on you, but on your loved ones too. Your doctors have fully explain the different steps they will take with the operation to your and your family: the shaving, the incisions, the sawing, and the tumor extraction. They warn you that it may give you head-splitting headaches, tiredness, and even possible infection. All the same, they confirmed for you that this method of treatment is feasible in your case, and has a good chance for success. A small voice goes of in the back of your mind: it a good chance, yes, but still just a chance nonetheless …

In this event, it is best to trust your doctors and their skills implicitly.

photo credit: Zdenko Zivkovic via photopin cc

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