Stay Away from Brain Cancer!

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Jun 11th, 2013
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There is no exact information yet on how brain cancer comes to an individual. Though there is known treatment for this illness, the certainty of it will be cured is still doubtful. To prevent suffering from brain cancer, one must understand it very well. Brain cancer is an attack of small tumors on brain. Here are some few ways on how you can stay away from Brain cancer.

Know about your family medical history. By this you can easily now the identification of symptoms and treatment options. Becoming educated on the history of brain cancer or other diseases in family members can help you prevent cancer.

Observe environmental conditions. Exposure in some environmental elements and other cancer causing chemicals, such as vinyl chloride can lead to cancer, avoid.

Check any immune system issues or any health-related problems. If you feel like losing clear vision and having weak muscle, this can be symptoms, so you better consult your doctor immediately.

Observe over use of mobile phones. Yet there is no strong evidence that using a cell phone causes brain cancer, it would be advisable to pay attention to the amount of time spent on cell phone and avoid using electronic devices such computers and laptops for extended periods of time.

Choose Healthy lifestyle. Exercising, eating healthy and nutritious foods, not smoking, eliminating stress and drinking in moderation is not just a great way to prevent cancer but all types of illnesses, do so.

Dealing with Brain Cancer

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May 14th, 2013
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Dealing with any kind of serious physical illness is no doubt difficult, especially if it is like brain cancer. A good support from family and friends, knowledge about illness and proper medical care are all needed in coping with brain cancer.

Brain cancer is all about the attack of small tumors in our brain. Doctors do not know yet the major causes of the primary tumors. However, you can try preventing this kind of illness by being aware of your family medical history, regular general checkup of your body and immune system, and most importantly choosing a healthier lifestyle like exercising regularly, eating healthy and nutritious food, not smoking, eliminating stress, and drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation.

Once you are diagnosed with brain cancer, it is important to seek a good medical care where you will feel comfortable with. This step is important in relation to how you deal with having brain cancer because if you feel you have good medical care and you have faith in your doctors, it is likely that you will have a positive outlook on treatment and the future.

Your loved ones support is also very important at this moment of time. Express your fears, doubts and concerns to them. Lean to your family and friends as much as you can.

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

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May 6th, 2013
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Losing a loved one to cancer always brings great pain to their family and friends. When people find out that the person they love is dying of cancer, it has a certain way of changing and touching their lives. Some do things to cope, some turn to their beliefs or from it, some immerse themselves in an activity to either numb the pain or embrace it. Sometimes, this pain can blossom into beautiful works of art.

Kirsty Mitchell lost her mother Maureen to a brain tumor. Maureen had been a vibrant school teacher, always bringing stories and plays to life for her students. Kirsty took to her photography lens, and immersed herself in a three-year-long fantasy story book project. Melding vibrant colors, arresting imagery, and a vivid imagination that echoed elements of Maureen’s stories, Kirsty Mitchell created a world of beauty, of flowers and ethereal women, all in the loving memory of her mother.

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Knowing More About Brain Cancer

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Mar 13th, 2013
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Brain is the center of our nervous system, a body organ that works as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual. It is considered as one of the most important part of our body as it controls everything on us.

But what if our brain breaks down? What if we suffer from a brain disease called brain cancer? Definitely, our brain could not function properly. A person with a brain cancer may suffer from a severe pain such as headache. He/ she may even experience other type of pain as the cancer can also affect the nervous system. A person suffering from a brain cancer will usually encounter different type off sickness, nausea and vomiting. In a study, it is said that the most common effect of brain cancer is seizure, although it can be control through some medication.

Individuals, who are dealing with brain cancer, may also experience a range of neurological effects, which include memory loss, difficulties with coordination, speech, hearing and eye movement. Brain cancer can also lead to severe depression. And whether it’s caused by the chronic pain or just a result of the situation, depression can be very difficult to deal with.

There are different groups that can help you through your struggles, you don’t need to be good in English or learn Thai language or any different language to get through them. You can easily search them online or in your local areas. This group includes individuals who have the same battle as yours and survivals. Spending time with these people can help you, at least cope up in your situation and can help you be motivated that there is always hope. However the best support group a brain cancer patient could ever have is through his/ her family and friends.

Observing a brain tumor

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Feb 20th, 2013
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When someone is diagnosed with brain cancer, it is not the disease, the tumors, the excruciating pain that kills the patient or the family members. It’s the waiting – the long, tortuous waiting.

One the presence of a tumor has been confirmed by a doctor, the next step is usually not immediate treatment. The specialists will have to watch and wait, and continue observing the tumor for any signs of change or worsening. In the meantime, the doctor encourages the family members to discuss with the patient the method of treatment they want to go by. Is the patient to go under the knife, to resection the tumor and take away as many tumor cells as possible? Is the patient to undergo chemotherapy, blasting poison into the tumor’s area and risking failure? Is the patient to undergo radiotherapy, exposing the tumor to gamma rays and x-rays, and hoping for a shot at a cure?

photo credit: gogoloopie via photopin cc

Brain Tumors Caused By Mobile Phones?

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Jan 20th, 2013
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Tmedium_2796862756he famous musician Sheryl Crow was, at some point in her life, diagnose with both breast cancer and a non-cancerous brain tumor. Now a survivor, she theorizes that the use of mobile phones may have caused the brain tumor.

She is not alone in this thinking. Back when Nokia was the only go-to brand for mobile phone technology in the early 2000’s, many people were also quite cautious of using a mobile phone. The large, chunky, and heavy pieces and their plastic pen-thick antennae were eyed with suspicion, and students were advised to keep texting and phone calls at a minimum “for their health”. Technology has marched on – mobile phones became sleeker, more intelligent, and more efficient.

Scientists doubt that there is a connection between brain tumors and mobile phones. Based on their research, the electromagnetic fields and heat a using a phone generates is way far too little to encourage cell degradation and breakdown in a human body.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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